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What if you had enough time for the things that matter and you were running your dream business while feeling relaxed?

I think we can agree that the way you’re working isn’t working.

You’re a genius and your work matters so much.

But the way we’ve been taught to work is f-ing us up.

“When I pay back my credit card/bring in $10K/hit six-figures/finally eclipse a million, then I’ll rest/feel successful/live my life the way I want to/take care of myself/exhale.”

Here’s the problem:

When we’re operating in the paradigm of “when I ________ (insert accomplishment), then I’ll ________ (insert the thing your soul craves), we’re setting ourselves up to regret never having truly lived.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

- Mary Oliver

You have big dreams and ambitions and I want you to know that they matter.

The world is waiting. It’s time to share your gifts.

Doing work that lights you up, heals the world, and makes great money without sacrificing yourself on the altar of success is possible...just not the way you think.

Pay attention because the solutions I’m about to share have been hidden from you on purpose, but enough is enough.

It’s our time for reclamation and I’m going to show you how.

But before I do, let me ask you…

Which one of these feels most true for you?

  • The strategies seem to be working for everyone else and you feel like if you were just more organized, more disciplined, more focused, or had more hours in the day, you could finally make it all work, too.

  • You don’t know where to focus to move the needle and you’re pulled in too many directions so you start a lot of different things but never manage to finish any of them, so you’re not getting the traction or making the revenue you could be.

  • You’re scared to put yourself out there because so many people are already doing the thing you want to do.

  • You don’t feel confident, you get in your own way, and you’re having trouble believing you’re enough to have the kind of business and impact you dream of.

  • You wake up at 3am with repetitive thoughts about everything you have to do the next day and a low-level panic that you can’t keep holding it all together for much longer.

After reading that, how much of it applies to you?

Now you know why it feels like the way you’re working is unsustainable...because IT IS!

...Or maybe there’s more than one that describes you right now? Or something else that’s gnawing at you?

Making more money isn’t going to make it all better.

Neither is figuring out how to get more things done.

Want to know why?

The work model we’ve been following is long overdue for an update.


It was created for and by people trying to eke every ounce of production and profit out of the system...

...ignoring what that does to the lifeforce of the beings that are part of the system.

It was created for and by people who weren’t also responsible for caregiving.

It was created for and by people who were disconnected from their bodies and nature.

It was created for and by people who have a single, dominant identity (white, cisgender, heterosexual, able-bodied male).

This old model keeps us stuck...

...thinking that no matter how much we do, it’s not enough.

...feeling anxious if we have too much free time on our hands.

...feeling guilty about taking a break when the world expects us to be on 24/7.

...doing too many things so that our projects cannibalize each other and we never see results materialize.

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Here’s what I want you to know:

Each of us are wildly different and we came with gifts baked right into our unique self.

But the way we work forces us to ignore the truth of who we are.

Our bodies suffer. Our relationships suffer. Our mental health suffers.

And even our work suffers in this model.

I know it feels like the old model is “just the way it is.”

That you have to respond to messages within 30 seconds.

That you have to pay attention to everything that everyone else is doing to catch up.

That you have to give 110% to everything or you’ll let everyone down.

That the more you get done, the more valuable you are.

...but it’s not.

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all way of working, yet we’re operating as though there is.

The reason you’re overwhelmed, exhausted, distracted, and feel like there’s something wrong with you is because the way you’re working was invented by someone else.

Someone who doesn’t live in a body like yours. Who doesn’t have life responsibilities or priorities like yours. Who’s biology and soul work differently than yours.

Someone who’s never walked your path or been in direct contact with your unique genius.

If you keep trying to just work harder until you reach your business goals, you’re going to stay overwhelmed, exhausted, and disappointed.

But, if you’re done with trying to work based on a standard that was never designed for you in the first place, you’re in the right place.

This is your official invitation to work in a way that works for your body, not everybody.
Since going through the course I am learning to Saying NO!

I signed up for Heal the Way You Work to learn how to set my boundaries; how to do more with less and still be successful - less time, less resources and get more rest/self-care planned into my life. Since going through the course I am learning to Saying NO! I love the lunar cycle and how to map things out based on the 28 day cycle (mind blowing in a good way!)


It’s been a game changer to understand that my energy isn’t recreated daily (and that all the productivity books I’d read were written by men and didn’t work for me!)

I love Kate’s insights and method! It’s been a game changer to understand that my energy isn’t recreated daily (and that all the productivity books I’d read were written by men and didn’t work for me!) The other big win is observing what I was drawn to throughout the month (visionary, detailed, etc) and then begin planning those work blocks during the ideal part of the month (when/where possible). I find myself much more aligned with my ideal state. 


“Nature never rushes yet everything gets done.”

-Lao Tzu

I'd already done a year planning session that was no where near as thorough as this!

This was so helpful and amazing to be guided through this process - I'd already done a year planning session that was no where near as thorough as this but it meant I had my annual and quarterly big ticket items ready to go and also not much pruning needed because it was already succinct. I put everything into my calendar and now just need to find some more sacred practices for quarterly and annual. Definitely need to focus a bit more on self love and things to look forward to! Thank you so much! So excited!


Your content is very aligned with where I am (4 kids and starting a business) and I love your delivery.

I've made it through the first lesson videos and worksheets so far and I'm already feeling more flow and space. The timing is perfect, your content is very aligned with where I am (4 kids and starting a business) and I love your delivery.
What a gift! Thank you!


I have an important reminder for you:

We are nature.

Mother Nature has inherent wisdom that keeps everything going without pushing and extraction.

What would happen if you worked as though you were nature?

What would happen if you worked with your body instead of against it?

You are sitting on a goldmine of energy, creativity, wisdom, and power but you’re not using it...because no one ever taught you how...until now.

Working while being disconnected from nature and your body is like sitting next to a massive, 5-acre generator while using a hand crank to make things go.

You have no idea what’s possible for you when you learn how to tap into the power source that is YOU.


Heal the Way You Work
Create Time, Money, and Energy Abundance

  • Design a workflow uniquely suited to your body and desired lifestyle (so you can stop the cycle of overdoing it and then crashing)

  • Protect your most precious assets (your time and energy) with powerful, loving boundaries and crystal clear priorities

  • Plan and execute on your business dreams in a way that’s aligned with your body and the wisdom of nature so that you feel replenished instead of drained in the process
Heal the Way You Work isn’t a productivity, time management, or business course like the other ones you’ve taken.

It’s part tactical and part spiritual. It’s a journey back to the truth of who you are so you can source your work from that place.

Heal the Way You Work will take you from the cycle of overdoing it and then crashing to a sustainable, even regenerative, workflow so that your body, bank account, and entire life are nourished abundantly.

  • Watch or listen to the course in just 4 hours (all at once or over time), then implement the methodology and practice it so you reap the rewards of less stress and more traction for the rest of your life.

  • Access all the lessons via private podcast so you can listen on the go.

  • Implement with exercises, cheat sheets, checklists and more that help you uncover your own work habits and clearly identify the ones that are working for you and, more importantly, the ones you’re wasting your time with...and how to shift them.

By the end of this program, you’ll have:

An organized calendar with a rhythm of planning rituals to keep you on track with your goals and replenishing your mind, body, and soul
Clarity on your priorities and be focused on the things in your business that move the needle (and bring you the most joy!)
A blueprint for managing your projects based on the model of sustainable abundance that nature provides.
A wider base of support in your business and your life so that the tasks you can focus your time and energy on are only the things in the highest and best use of you. 

Ready to shift into an entirely new, spacious work paradigm?

Join us today!

Join the full HEAL THE WAY YOU WORK experience for $997 

1 payment of $997

2 payments of $527


10 on-demand, digital lessons with bite-sized teachings accompanied by support materials for you to operationalize the lesson in your business and life (as checklists, cheat sheets, templates, trackers, and guides.)

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Lesson 1:
Your Do Less, Earn More Year

Break the trance of linear time and tap into the truth of who you are as a cyclical being. Find a sweet momentum you never knew was possible when you start to relate to time and work cyclically.

No matter what time of year, this lesson walks you through reflection, visioning, pruning, focusing, and planning processes to ensure that what matters makes it on your annual calendar and happens.

You’ll end this lesson with a powerful, elegant plan for doing less and earning more this year.

  • 4 Phases Cheat Sheet 
  • Year in Review Handout
  • Project Pruning Guide
  • Making Your One Thing Inevitable Checklist
  • Annual Plan Checklist
  • Sacred Practices Planner
  • Sacred Practices Tracker
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Lesson 2:
Quarterly/Seasonal Check-Ins for Resetting and Power Boosts

Ever get to the end of the year, re-read your annual goals and wonder what the heck happened because you’re so far off? When you do seasonal reviews and planning with our method, you’ll not only stay on track with your goals for your business, you’ll also ensure that the other areas of your life don’t get sacrificed along the way.
Holistic success never felt better and was never more attainable than with this system!

  •  Seasonal Review + Planning Exercise

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Lesson 3:
Monthly Mapping for Cyclical Success

Learn how to plan for your unique rhythm so that you reduce friction by going with your energetic flow instead of against it. Start practicing batching to optimize your energetic phases throughout the month and get more done in less time. And finally, get into rhythm with your business and team (if you have one) by optimizing your standard operating procedures. Having these systems and processes in place makes it so that things can happen without you and you can work on other things (or rest or play!)
  • Batching Planner
  • Sample Standard Operating Procedures
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Lesson 4:
Friction-Free, Profitable Weeks

The quality of your life and the quality of your work (plus your results) hinges on your ability to invest your time well. In this lesson, you’ll learn the anatomy of the simple and powerful Do Less Weekly Planning Ritual that will have you feeling productive, spacious, and relaxed.
Plus, you’ll get practical tools and strategies to get the support you need to work in your Zone of Genius more and more of the time, an agenda for a Weekly Check-In with key players in your life so that you’re not left holding the bag alone, guidance to create your dream support system, and a step-by-step process for delegation.
No more shouldering the weight of the world on your shoulders. It’s time to be supported as you do your important work in the world!

  • Weekly Planning Ritual
  • Template for Shared Life Management
  • Weekly Check-In Agenda 
  • Scaffolding Inventory + Planner
  • Delegating Cheat Sheet
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Lesson 5:
Doing Less on the Daily

(While Having and Achieving More)

Unlock the power of micro-attention on your daily energetic ebbs and flows so that you can stop pushing and start flowing! Learn how a simple, 5-minute daily practice can help you access energetic stores you never even knew existed!

Plus, learn to set effective boundaries in 5 easy steps. No more being pulled in a million different directions by what everyone else wants from you. Get your loving boundaries in place and prepare for way more time available for what you want!
  • Daily Energy Tracker
  • Boundary Setting in 5 Easy Steps
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Lesson 6:
Manifesting with the Moon: Tapping into the Cosmos 
(and Gravity)
to Manifest Whatever You Want

Tap into the power and energy of the celestial body responsible for tides to manifest whatever you want.
Want to make more sales or revenue? Want to release resentments that you know are holding you back? Want a new romantic relationship or home?
The moon is there for us 24/7 and you can work with her to call in what you want without pushing or grinding. This lesson will teach you how.

  • Lunar Cycles 101 Cheat Sheet

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Lesson 7:
Scientific Self-Love: Using the Trends Tracker to Know Your Cyclical Energy so You Can Support It and Prosper as a Result

You are the most magnificent creature and getting to know your cyclical energy can be the greatest gift of your life. Why? Because not only are you powerful. You’re also incredibly predictable in a cyclical way. Life and work get way easier when you get to know your own ebbs and flows because you know what to expect and how to support it for the best results!
  • Trends Tracker Download

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Lesson 8:
Egg Wisdom: Use Your 
Biological Blueprint to Attract What You Want

Did you know your body is wired for attracting what you want? This lesson will clue you into the mind-blowing power of Egg Wisdom and teach you how to use it to attract the business and life of your dreams.
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Lesson 9:
How to Increase Your Results by 80% While Decreasing Your Workload by 80%

Did you know that 80% of your results are caused by 20% of your actions? Pareto’s Principle operates at the core of our productivity whether we’re consciously paying attention or we might as well use it! Dive into this lesson and exercise to know which tasks you can automate, delegate, or eliminate immediately to free yourself up for more work that moves the needle and lights you up!
  • Companion 80/20 Rule Exercise

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Lesson 10:
The Friction-Free Way to Manage Your Projects for Ease, Effectiveness, and Space

Traditional project management strategies lead to burnout. When you manage your projects with nature as your blueprint, however, you tap into a level of sustainable success that’s not available when your sole focus is on getting as much done as possible.
Discover the Upward Cycle of Success, the unique project management system of The Origin Company, and prepare to have more peace, creativity, and results.
  • The Upward Cycle of Success Cheat Sheet

“How we spend our days is how we spend our lives.”

- Annie Dillard

Plus, we have some extra goodies for you!

The 10 main lessons in Heal the Way You Work will take you from stressed out and spinning your wheels to peaceful and productive, but that’s just the beginning.

When you join Heal the Way You Work, you’ll also get 2 bonuses* to make implementing what you learn easier so you get the results you want!

Bonus 1: Digital Do Less Planner

($25 Value)

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The only planner designed with your body, nature, and the cosmos in mind. Use the yearly, seasonal, monthly, weekly, daily, and moon pages to fit more of yourself into your days so you can have more by doing less.

The NEW and IMPROVED self-dated Do Less Planner includes:

  • Yearly pages
  • Seasonal Reflection + Planning spreads
  • Monthly Spreads
  • Moon Pages spreads (including Egg Wisdom reminders!)
  • Weekly planning spreads that include the Weekly Renewable Planner, The Universe’s and Your To-Do Lists, and Sacred Practices Tracker
  • Daily Energy Trackers 
  • Trends Tracker to get to know and love your own energy patterns
  • List Love to organize what matters most

PLUS 6 Steps to Set Goals in Alignment with the Truth of Who You Are, and 7 Steps to Identify the 20% of Actions that Give You 80% of Your Results.

Bonus 2: Healing Your Nervous System to Reimagine Your Work with Tele Darden

($297 Value)

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Join Resident Origin Company Nervous System Healing Expert, Tele Darden, for a Masterclass to learn:
  • Why mindset work often doesn’t work when it comes to overcoming your entrepreneurial blocks
  • What your inability to focus, get out of your own way, feel confident, and put yourself out there has to do with your nervous system and what to do about it
  • How to work with your nervous system so you can take action in ways you previously didn’t have the capacity for
PLUS, receive a 60-minute Nervous System Healing Practice with Tele designed specifically for ambitious entrepreneurs like you.

Total Course Value: $997
Total Bonus Value: $322

But you can get the 10 lessons of Heal the Way You Work and the 2 bonuses for only:
(or 2 payments of $527)

You need these paradigm-shifting tools and practices in your business and your life to do the work that matters, friction-free!

Total Value: $1,319

1 payment of $997

2 payments of $527


If you purchase Heal the Way You Work and are in any way unsatisfied with your investment, you can receive a full refund, 7 days from the date of your purchase, no questions asked. 

As I approach menopause... I'm feeling so liberated to be able to treat my business more holistically, as I do the rest of my life.

I realise that I have subconsciously been aware of my cycles and accommodated accordingly in my personal life, but I've never thought to apply it to my business. Genius!! As I approach menopause (I'm 48) I feel my cyclic energy more strongly than before and pushing myself in my business irrespective of how I'm feeling is actually harder to do. I'm feeling so liberated to be able to treat my business more holistically, as I do the rest of my life.


Let’s be’re reading this because something needs to change about the way you’re working.

The culture has taught us a toxic way of working. It hurts our relationships, our bodies, our souls, and the planet.

But you have the opportunity to change that for you and your business...and your lineage...right NOW.

Plus, on a practical level, the time and energy you’ll save once you approach work and time in the new way Heal the Way You Work teaches is going to put you leaps and bounds ahead of where you are right now.

Not to mention the increased results in your work because you won’t be wasting time on things that don’t matter, trying to please everyone, trying to do things at the wrong time, and working in a way you were never designed to in the first place.

Questions Other Folks Like You Asked Before Enrolling
Have questions? Click to reveal the answers.
What’s the difference between Heal the Way You Work and The Origin® Membership??

Heal the Way You Work (HTWYW) is a self-study program. It is meant to be used for years to come as a blueprint for your “do less, achieve more” yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily planning. The Origin Membership is a membership program that includes an incredible community, support in the Facebook group from Team Origin and me via our In-Depth Live Coaching Sessions, a robust content library of feminine energy business lessons, and live connection calls throughout the month. It is the membership for those who want community and support to do less and achieve more. Because they are based on the same fundamental concepts, the philosophy of both programs is the same, but HTWYW is a DIY experience, whereas Origin has ongoing community and support. Both offerings have exclusive content, and both have some overlapping concepts. HTWYW is a beautiful compliment to Origin, and Origin is a beautiful compliment to HTWYW.

Is there different content in Heal the Way You Work than what I learned in the Do Less Immersion?

Heal the Way You Work is focused on laying out plans and scheduling, and most of the content was not covered in the Do Less Immersion. Both of them are based on the same fundamental concepts, so there are thematic overlaps. The Support and Scaffolding Inventory, the Template for Shared Life Management, and the Weekly Check-In Agenda were originally created for the Do Less Immersion and are also included in the HTWYW. Other than that, the material in the HTWYW is more comprehensive and not included in the Do Less Immersion.

Is there different content in Heal the Way You Work than what I learned in the book Do Less?

The content for Heal the Way You Work was birthed from the methodology of Do Less. However, since the book has been out in the world, I’ve been able to refine the concepts and have come up with new ways to implement this method, plus I have added entirely new ideas to the body of work. These refinements and new approaches are what I’ve included in HTWYW. HTWYW also includes many handouts and resources that are not included in the book.

How is this different from other time management systems or courses out there?

Other time management courses are based exclusively on the 24-hour, masculine model that discounts our bodies as a critical ingredient to our business success. Heal the Way You Work takes a whole-person approach based on how women (and other people who resonate with feminine energy) experience time and energy. The program focuses more on energy management, knowing that time takes care of itself when we manage our energy effectively.

I already have Make Time for Business / The Do Less Method for Business. Is this a different program?

Make Time for Business / The Do Less Method for Business have been renamed Heal The Way You Work. If you have purchased either of these programs, it includes the same content and there is no need to buy again :-)

Do I need to have the Do Less Planner to do this program?

While the Do Less Planner isn’t required to get amazing results from this program, it will help you put everything into practice. You can get your copy here. The digital version of The Do Less Planner is included with your purchase of Heal The Way You Work.

When will I receive my bonuses?

All bonuses will be delivered once the refund period has ended.

What if I buy the program and then decide it’s not for me?

You can read about our Money-Back Guarantee here.

Stop sacrificing yourself on the altar of success!

If you’re ready to Heal the Way You Work so that you get better results with less stress, now is your moment!

1 payment of $997

2 payments of $527

It’s time to stop your toxic work habits, reclaim your time (and your life) and stop sacrificing yourself at the altar of success.

And The Origin Company and I are thrilled to be your guides.

Hi! I’m Kate Northrup, CEO of The Origin Company and creator of Heal the Way You Work.

With two best-selling books plus a globally distributed planner system, a 7-figure company that serves tens of thousands of customers, two little kids and a less-than-40-hour workweek, I’ve discovered how to hold a full life lightly and allow myself to be held in the process..but it wasn’t always that way.

I used to schedule myself within an inch of my life and thought if I could just fit enough into my days, I would finally feel like I had it all together and could achieve the success I’d always dreamed of.

But underneath it all, I was an anxious stress-ball (despite trying meds) who couldn’t fall asleep at night and could never truly allow myself to let go.

Becoming a mother broke me in the most beautiful way possible, and that first year of parenthood (despite postpartum anxiety and insomnia, a sick baby who wouldn’t sleep, and only 10 hours of childcare a week), we managed to bring in the same amount of revenue in our business working less than half the amount of time we’d worked in the past.The moment I realized that I knew I had to figure out what we’d done differently and how we could not only repeat those results (minus the incredible stress of new parenthood) but also codify it as a system that others could follow, the Do Less methodology began to take shape, and I’ve been shouting it from the rooftops ever since.

The concepts and practices in Heal the Way You Work have changed my life and wellbeing on a fundamental level, as well as those of thousands of other people who’ve tried them. “Gamechanger” doesn’t even begin to cover it.

This course is my loving wake-up call for you so that you can step off the treadmill and finally heal the way you work and relate to time.

If this is the year you’re ready to finally exhale, break up with busy, run your business sustainably and abundantly and no longer sacrifice the wellbeing of the people you love (including yourself), I can’t wait to let you in on the secrets that have been hiding in plain sight your whole life.

Ready? Dive on in.

This is going to be momentous for you!


1 payment of $997

2 payments of $527

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